2019-05-16 STOCKHOLM: The role of finance in accelerating circular business models

Inbjudan som gick ut

The finance sector plays a crucial role in enabling and stimulating the development of a circular economy. The Embassy of the Netherlands, Mistra and NMC Swedish Association of Sustainable Business invite you to a seminar where we will discuss how the finance sector can take on this role, with a focus on accelerating circular business models.

Which challenges do companies face in terms of financing when they want to go circular? Where can they attract financing to develop or launch new circular ways of doing business? What could a financial win-win-win business case look like, and what is needed to enable it? To help us answer these questions and to look ahead, we have invited speakers representing finance, business and research from both the Netherlands and Sweden.


Welcome Eva Blom, Embassy of the Netherlands, Åke Iverfeldt, Chief Executive Officer, Mistra and Kristina AtKisson, NMC Secretary General

Introduction by the moderator Ingela Wickman Bois, Senior Advisor Circular Business Strategy

The “Circular Economy Finance Guidelines” Joost van Dun, Circular Lead, Wholesale Banking, Sustainable Finance, ING Bank

Enabling a circular economy from a finance perspective Susanne Glykofrydis General Manager Nordics, DLL Group

Financing circular business models – case studies in Sweden Emanuela Vanacore, Researcher, RISE

How could impact innovation fly? Sepehr Mousavi, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, SweGreen

Panel discussion What are the challenges which companies that want to go circular face? How, and at which stage, can various financial actors support them – today and in the future?

  • Alexander Schenk, Head of Office, European Investment Bank Stockholm
  • Emanuela Vanacore, Researcher, RISE
  • Joost van Dun, Circular Economy Lead, Sustainable Finance/Wholesale Banking, ING Bank
  • Mattias Lindahl, Program Director, Mistra REES
  • Sepehr Mousavi, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, SweGreen
  • Susanne Glykofrydis, General Manager Nordics, DLL
  • Tobias Lindbergh, Head of Sustainable Finance, Debt Capital Markets, Handelsbanken

Questions and comments from the audience

Final remarks and closing Ines Coppoolse, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sweden